Future Card Buddy Fight: Draconic Force Trial Deck

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52 Cards

Future Card Buddyfight is the new Trading Card Game by Bushiroad! The story of this TCG revolves around some children aged 9-11 years battling with cards. They are calling with the cards monsters from another world on and work together with these creatures (hence the name Buddyfight). But beware: the Buddy Police trying the samples back to their own worlds!

Dragonic Force is the third Trial Deck of Future Card Buddyfight. This deck is in the animated series used by buddyfighter Ryuenji Tasuku. and Buddy Police. He goes along with Armordragons the Dragon and the Jacknife battle!

Each pre-constructed deck contains:

  • 52 cards (including 2 foils)
  • a life counter
  • play mat
  • game rules.