Cardfight Vanguard V: PSYqualia Strife Mini Booster Box

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32 Boosters

   * Includes 36 cards (2 VR, 4 RRR, 6 RR, 10 R and 14 C) + 2 Parallel cards (2 SVR).
        * Includes 8 new cards (2 VR, 4 RRR and 2 R) and 28 reprints.
        * Each display is guaranteed to include a VR or SVR.
    * Includes 16 Gift Markers featuring scenes from the anime.
    * The reprints are mostly from V Trial Deck 01: Aichi Sendou and V Trial Deck 02: Toshiki Kai.
    * The grade 0 reprints come in a normal design and a special design with no card borders.
    * Each display includes 32 packs and each carton includes 16 displays.
    * Each pack includes 2 cards, one of them being a foil card. Commons have a chance of being foil cards.
    * Includes support for the Royal Paladin and Kagero clans.
    * The package illustration features Aichi Sendou, Toshiki Kai, Exculpate the Blaster and Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague.