War for Edadh: The Beginning

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The alternative tactical game of battle. Cards represent the troops, leaders, standards, terrain and all aspects of the battle. Cards are also used in the core mechanic of the game which is a unique, tactical system. This mechanic, Conflict Resolution, places the outcome of each fight and battle in your hands - your decisions and choices alone will determine your success or failure.
Game Features
  • Tactical gameplay where luck is minimized
  • 2-player battle games – 4 variations: unit vs. unit (15-20 min playing time), best of 3 (45-60 min playing time), skirmish (60-90 min playing time) & battle (90+ min playing time)
  • Solo game
  • Multi-player game (requires 2+ copies of War for Edaðh)
  • Team game (requires 2+ copies of War for Edaðh)
  • Tailor the length of game
  • Tailor the depth of the game - nb. expanded rules are simple and easy to integrate into the game
  • All statistics and information are on the game cards - no tables!
Players: 2
Ages: 12+