Woe of the Living

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A Pulp Horror Card Game!
In Woe to the Living, you are the sinister spectral force that haunts the night and feeds off the terror you create! You lurk in the darkest places, making night-time strollers walk just a little faster and double-bolt their doors. You must carefully cultivate terror and watch those impacted; too much terror and they die of fright becoming useless to you. Too little terror and you starve.

Sweet delicious terror!

Carefully select your prey across four rounds of game-play. The goal is to have the second highest total terror at the end of the game. This is made more difficult by the other players, all vying for that coveted high, but not highest, terror total. Use a sneaky card swapping mechanic to exchange face down cards throughout each round. Correctly gauge your opponents’ motives in order to feed them the cards they don’t want, or take from them the cards you need.
Players: 3-5
Ages: 13+
Playing time: 15 minutes