Chimera Station

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Language independent module tiles, game board and player boards.

Splice the body parts of your aliens to perform the best in the expanding
space station. Give them tentacles to grab more resources, brains to score
more points, leaves to photo-synthesize or claws to chase opponents!
Chimera Station brings a new twist to the worker placement genre: customizable workers. Each worker can be modified in-game by splicing claws, tentacles, leaves or brains (or any combination of those) on them.
These workers are used to gather resources (food, coins and worker components), score points and perform actions. During the game you’ll expand the space station with module tiles.
Featuring a grand total of 13 initial modules and action spaces, 40 additional module tiles, 22 perks, 20 different ways to configure your aliens with components, and 4 different races with specific abilities, the possibilities are endless! Easy to learn, yet hard to master...

• 1 Game board
• 4 double sided Player boards
• 24 Workers (feet & head) in the 4 player colours
• 28 Genetic Components (7 brains, 7 claws, 7 leaves, 7 tentacles)
• 40 Module tiles
• 2 Module countdown tokens
• 100 Coins
• 56 Food tokens
• 22 Perk cards
• 6 Starting Resource cards
• 4 Research markers
• 4 Round markers
• 4 Score markers
• 1 Start Player marker
• Rulebooks

Artwork has been done by Brian Patterson from the webcomic "d20Monkey".


Players: 2-4

Ages: 13+

Playing time: 60-90 minutes