Kung Fu Fighting: More Kung Fu Fighting

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More! Kung Fu Fighting adds three exciting new elements to Kung Fu Fighting! You can add any or all of these elements into a game of Kung Fu Fighting!

More! Kung Fu Fighting cards
Add more damage and more mayhem to Kung Fu Fighting! In addition to new Stances, Weapons, Attacks, and Blocks, you can use Improved cards modify your Weapon and Stance. Now you’ll be able to fight with a Demon Possessed Ladder of your Ancestors while in the Panda Stance of the Master. And if that’s not enough, Finishing Move cards allow you to kick your opponent Out a Window or Through a Wall!
Archetype cards
Tired of being a generic Kung Fu warrior? With Archetype cards, you become a more powerful martial artist with unique powers. Fight with the speed and grace of the Jade Princess, deliver a flurry of blows as The Young Master, or use the unmatched weapon prowess of the Imperial General!
Team Play
Team rules allow you and your friends to face off in teams! Team cards can block attacks meant for your teammates, let you to toss your weapon to a teammate in need, or combine your Stances for truly impressive damage!