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En Garde!

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En Garde!
Honorable Combat from a More Civilized Age! In this fast paced, exciting card game, you are an impeccably dressed Renaissance-era duelist with a score to settle. Vanquish your opponents with furious Thrusts and powerful Lunges. Use your expert skill to Parry your enemies attacks. Should you find yourself becoming unkempt and fatigued, pick up a Second Sword or a Buckler to regain the upper hand. If things get really bad, you could always pull your Pistol...That would even the odds! When the battle has ended, will you be the one standing, or will your second have to drag you off the field?
You Get: 85 Card deck 6 Player Mats 6 Poise markers Rules for playing En Garde!

Players: 2-6
Ages:  10+
Playing time: 30-45 Minutes