Age of Steam: Mississippi Steamboat and Golden Spike Expansion

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This full color, mounted-on-gameboard Age of Steam expansion contains two maps with unique twists on Age of Steam.

Age of Steam Expansion: Mississippi Steamboats

This Age of Steam expansion takes place on the great Mississippi River, where Steamboats were used in conjunction with the railroads to quickly and efficiently deliver goods throughout the Midwest. In this 3-6 player map, players compete to build and deliver goods to steamboats which are moving up and down the Mississippi River. This map contains the following special features:

Moving Steamboats: The Urbanization action has been replaced by Steamboat Building, which creates a steamboat along the Mississippi River. These steamboats can have goods delivered to, from or through them, and each turn they move slowly up or down the river. Players receive a 1 income bonus for delivering a good to a steamboat.

Players: 3-6

Optimal number of players: 5

Age of Steam Expansion: Golden Spike

This Age of Steam expansion takes place in 1860's Western USA, where the Union Pacific Railroad and the Central Pacific Railroad raced towards each other in order to complete the first transcontinental railroad system with the Golden Spike. This is a team-dependent map, with players delivering goods to cities along the main route to build more track towards Promontory; if one side reaches before the other, their opponents are eliminated. This map contains the following special features:

Track Reveal: As goods are delivered to a city on the main Sacramento/Promontory/Omaha line, preprinted track is revealed, which players may use for delivering goods.

Team Dependence: Each side of the map supports two players who are working together to make it promontory before the other side; if one side arrives on a turn before the other side, each player on the other side's has their score reduced to zero. However, whether one or both sides reach the center on the same turn or not, each player is still playing for themselves, with independent scores.

Rules: The rules sheet contains both English and German text with clear setup instructions and rule changes from standard Age of Steam play.