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Rise in status and lead your city to greatness in a unique game that combines wizards with wooly mammoths, thieves with tanks, and the absolute with the archaic. Use your city's exclusive abilities to wage war, make allies, and achieve objectives while gaining power. Fantasy, Early Men, Thief, Modern, Utopian, and Medieval cities are all brought together in a race to victory while vying for the honor to lead this new extraordinary world.

Will you choose hostility, or be the model of civility?

Civility is a board game for 2 to 4 players where players get to choose a city to control. There are 6 cities to choose from - Early Men, Fantasy, Modern, Utopian, Thief, and Medieval. Each city has 4 unique abilities and different starting strengths. Different cities will require completely different strategies and planning. The goal of the game is to reach status 5. This is done by claiming status cards that have specific goals associated with them. Each status card is unique so the victory conditions will vary with each play creating a vastly different experience every time.

What's in the box:
1 game board
6 City boards
6 Player boards
2 Steal a Turn tokens
2 Attack Anytime tokens
1 Diplomat Token
8 Bridge pieces (2 each x 4 different colors)
4 d6 dice
4 Status tokens
6 Army pieces (1 representing each city)
4 Saved Die dials
6 Personal Status cards
6 Perks cards
101 Event cards
24 Status cards

Players: 2-4

Ages: 12+

Playing time: 90 minutes


Early on, the humans showed promise. The Creators saw them looking to the stars and dreaming of other planets even in their infancy. Their lust for conquering and exploration propelled them through the ages. The inspired Creators placed bets on when humans would leave their origin planet of earth, and spread their burning curiosity and limitless imagination throughout the universe.


When the Utopians became the dominant civilization on earth, the Creators thought they would be the ones to lead humanity to the stars. They did exactly the opposite. They used their advanced technology to heal the earth, and to explore every inch of the oceans and mountains. They solved energy crises, eliminated warfare, and found sensible, lasting ways to manage human population and growth.

It was the most boring time to watch humans ever.

One day, the Creators noticed something that horrified them. With 100,000 years left in the sun’s life cycle, the Utopians began construction on creating a renewable organic sun.

If humans never left earth, the rest of the galaxy would remain uneventful for eternity. Convinced that any other civilization would have left earth, and hoping to reignite humanity’s imagination and lust for exploration, the Creators untethered the earth from the constraints of linear time revealing the entire human existence to itself.

On Earth, blue flashes of lightning formed wavering portals that appeared in all directions on the horizon. They were celestial gateways that didn’t open to heaven or space, they opened to all the times and realms of the earth. All memories of past civilizations and dreams of future ones were instantly replaced with an unresolved truth. The truth that whatever happened next, would become the way things had always been and always would be. The history of all civilizations on earth was eradicated by the blue light, and in the confusion, one thing was clear.

Whoever emerged victorious in this unworldly conflict would shape the fate of all human existence.

The Creators had finally found something worth betting on.