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Tempest is AEG's new line of designer board games set in a unique shared world beautifully realized by artists Andrew Hepworth and Jeffrey Himmelman. Each game shares the setting and characters with other games, yet occupies its own unique position in the over-arcing story. Come explore the City-State of Tempest! 

A large, safe harbor astride a dangerous stretch of seagoing trade routes, the docks of the City-State of Tempest are said to be the busiest in the world. Ships from every known nation--and a few that are little more than rumors--conduct their business here in this polyglot city. Among this chaos of cargo and shouting and gold, the great merchant houses conduct their affairs with the ruthlessness of crocodiles. Their goal: Be the only merchant house in Tempest. Achieving that goal takes courage, calculation, and a gambler's calm. 

Mercante is a game of economic warfare between merchant houses. The war is fought with gold, contracts, market manipulation, and outright theft. You play one of nine merchant houses, each with a unique ability. Buy and sell commodities, fulfill contracts, turn a tidy profit, or drive down the value of your opponents' goods. With a realistic market model and every player involved in each auction, Mercante will test your mercantile mettle! 

• Designed by award-winning designer Jeff Tidball

• Highly interactive: everyone is involved every turn

• Realistic economic model

• Asymmetrical house powers 

Contents: 1 market board, 5 merchant ledgers, 3 reference tracks, 9 house power cards, 32 shipment cards, 38 event cards, 20 contract cards, 72 goods tokens, 1 reference track marker, 2 upkeep markers, 20 agent markers, 15 warehouse markers, victory point tokens, coin tokens in various denominations, and rules.

Players: 3-5 players

Ages: 12 & Up           

Playing Time: 60 minutes